About Us


Owner’s Bio
Pee-Wee Science, LLC was created in January 2009 by Science Educator, Shawnette Leach.  While in graduate school, she had the awesome opportunity of teaching science to first graders.  In February 2000, while working as a State Health Inspector, she answered the call to teach.  Mrs. Leach received her teaching certificates for both Georgia and South Carolina via Mercer University in Atlanta, GA.  She began teaching middle and high school science ten years ago in Atlanta, and has taught for the last seven years in Columbia, SC (including at the State Museum).

Shawnette Leach graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana (XULA) with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Biology.  She then received her Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Environmental and Occupational Health from Emory University in Atlanta.  She is married and the mother of two young daughters.


History of project


After nearly ten years of teaching, Mrs. Leach began to recognize increasing student apathy toward education, especially toward the area of science. As a result, she felt led to pursue one of her other passions. Her decision to begin working with our youngest learners is predicated upon the hope that the earlier we expose children to core content areas, the more turned on to those subjects children will be throughout their educational careers. Additionally, it appears that during these most critical years more children have someone at home helping to shape their educational experiences. Mrs. Leach has been a witness as to how this one aspect positively impacts a student’s educational success.

In May 2010, Mrs. Leach left her teaching career in order to do just that.


Now enrolling students and booking events for 2017!